Pinterest for Ecommerce: How Fast Can We Expect an ROI?

Today I want to bust a misconception that I see all too often among online business owners just starting out with Pinterest marketing: “I haven’t gotten instant results, so Pinterest must not be the right marketing channel for my brand.”

Pinterest can work for literally ANY brand (if you are willing to utilize the 3 Keys to Pinterest Marketing Success). It’s not just for weddings, “mom” stuff, and home decor ideas. People are searching Pinterest for ideas, discovery, and products to solve all of life’s problems and desires. But you can’t expect to just open an account, pin some recent blog posts and product photos, and watch the traffic roll in. You need a solid foundation, gorgeous photos or graphics, good copy for your pin descriptions and consistent effort for possibly several months before seeing the traction you hope for.

Check out the Google Analytics screenshot below. This is Pinterest-driven traffic for my client Boutique Japan, over the first 6 months that we worked together:

Boutique Japan Pinterest Analytics Results

The amount of pins we scheduled never changed. The quality of the pin graphics and content we shared never changed. The effort we exerted planning and strategizing didn’t increase, it actually got easier and less time-consuming as we got into the groove. But if he had quit after only three months, he would have missed the opportunity to make Pinterest his #1 social referrer. He now receives an average of 10,000 hits/month from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest is a slow-moving ship. You need to show the Pinterest machine that you are an active and consistent user, and that you share high-quality content that is well received and engaged with by other users. I can’t say for certain how long it will take you to get the results you desire, or what kind of numbers you can expect in X time frame, but I can tell you that the snowball effect will reward anyone that has the resources and dedication to try for themselves, test it out and be strategic. I have seen this again and again, with clients that choose to stick with it for the long haul (either with my help or doing it on their own with a bit of strategic support).

ROI of Pinterest: when leads become clients | #PinterestTips #PinterestMarketing
This is one of the most common misconceptions that I face from members of my community on a daily basis. Are there any other beliefs you’re holding or doubts about Pinterest that you’d like me to discuss or disprove? Leave it in the comments below!

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