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Hi there! I'm Louise Cottrell, Pinterest marketing coach and strategist for e-commerce entrepreneurs and online business owners. I teach effective Pinterest marketing strategies to reach your ideal customer, drive traffic to your online store and increase sales.

I've developed my signature Pinterest Marketing Mastery Program, a six-step system that helps you optimize your website, social media presence and content marketing strategy to increase traffic and sales when you implement my powerful Pinterest marketing strategies.

Why your business needs Pinterest

The statistics speak for themselves:

- Pinterest is the second-largest source of social referral traffic to Shopify stores. (source: Shareaholic)

-Pinterest responsible for 41% of ALL e-commerce traffic! (source:

- 87% of Pinterest users surveyed said they had purchased a product because of Pinterest, with 93% saying they use the site to plan for future purchases. (source: Shopify)

- The average order value from people coming from Pinterest is twice that of Facebook-driven traffic. (source: Shopify)

Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Ready to implement my effective strategies for success on Pinterest and turn the platform into your traffic and sales machine? Fill out my application to see if you're eligible for a complimentary  Pinterest Marketing Breakthrough Session with me and learn more about how Pinterest can help grow your business.

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Is Your Pinterest Profile Optimized for Sales?

A thorough checklist to make sure your e-commerce brand's Pinterest profile is optimized to bring in more traffic and increase sales!

This extensive checklist includes the steps to optimize your e-commerce brand's Pinterest profile for success.

Get more impressions, traffic and sales from rapid growth using effective Pinterest marketing strategy!