Top 6 Pinterest Marketing FAQs Answered

Top 6 Pinterest Marketing FAQs Answered

As a Pinterest marketing expert, I am constantly asked a variety of questions, ranging from the smallest details about a client’s Pinterest bio section to more broad questions about Pinterest best practices.

Here I’ll share the most commonly asked questions and my answers with you. These questions will not only inform you about some Pinterest rules of thumb but also inspire you to start working on your brand’s Pinterest marketing strategy today.

How many boards should I have on my account? 

The benchmark for how many boards you should have on your brand’s Pinterest account is anywhere between 30 to 50 boards.

Depending on what your niche is, there are most likely plenty of topics related to your offerings about which you can create content. For example, a brand that sells trendy maternity clothes might create a blog post called “Top 5 Ways to Dress Up Maternity Jeans.” This can be pinned to boards about Maternity Clothes, Fashion for Pregnant Women, or Tips for Soon-to-Be Moms.

Including a mix of your original content and curated content (i.e. content from other websites and profiles) is crucial to having diverse, value-rich boards on your brand’s Pinterest account. Depending on how much content you typically create and how many categories of products or services you have, you may want to start building your profile with about 10-15 boards and then increase that number as your content library grows.

How many group boards should I have?

If you’ve already started accepting invitations to group boards willy nilly, you should try to cull it back to 5-10 total group boards. You want to stick with group boards that have high engagement rates, which you can check in the Board Insights section of Tailwind (<< if you make a purchase through my affiliate link, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you).

If you’re new to Pinterest, aim to join about 1-5 group boards. Be sure to check engagement scores after joining and as your account grows, you’ll be able to cut out the ones with lower reach and have a wider impact with less effort, by only sharing your pins to the very best performing group boards.

How many time slots should my social scheduler have for Pinterest?

If you’re pinning on a daily basis, scheduling about 10-30 time slots per day is a good rule of thumb for your brand’s Pinterest profile. My most basic package for clients includes posting 10 pins per day, so this would be a solid start for Pinterest newcomers.

Pinning consistently is most important when it comes to scheduling posts. Quality should always come before quantity on Pinterest, so stick to this range with strong content and attractive pin images.

How many pin images from my own site do I need to get started? 

Always make tall pin graphics to promote new products and content.

If you’re just getting started, try creating about 20-30 graphics and filling up your schedule with a mix of these and curated content.

Your graphics should have a cohesive style, meaning you can use the same set of design templates and switch out the text and colors or images so they all have a similar look and feel. This is easy to do on Canva, where preset templates can help you get started building your own unique design. You can even switch up your designs by creating some pins longer than the standard 735x1100px, which can increase engagement with your content.

This infographic is a prime example of a longer pin you can create for Pinterest.

What is the right proportion for original and curated content? 

I tend to stick to about 50% original pins and 50% curated content, which are pins related to my clients’ boards that I find on other websites and in Pinterest search. If you have a lot of content or images to share, you can adjust this ratio as high as 75%/25%, or one pin from another source to every 3 pins from your site.

If you’re still in the process of revving up your content marketing strategy and don’t have much to share yet, a 20% original to 80% curated mix of pins will be just fine. You are ultimately aiming to gain traction and increase your engagement on the account overall, which will help you down the line when you’re sharing more of your own content. You want your account to gain traction and increase the rate of impressions (i.e. eyeballs) Pinterest is giving you even if it’s mostly from sharing other users’ content.

How often can I recycle what I’ve already pinned?

Pinning 20-30 brand new pins every day would be exhausting. You can absolutely continue to recycle and re-recycle your own pins for as long as they remain relevant and are performing well.

You can check in Pinterest Analytics which of your pins are rising to the top, so frequently visit this dashboard to determine which pins you want to re-schedule based on this data.

By re-sharing successful pins, you can build your momentum, increase engagement and help the mysterious Pinterest algorithm (that decides how often to show your content in home and search feeds) see your pins as a quality source of content that people like to click on and share.

Have any more Pinterest marketing questions you’re itching to get answers to? Join my Facebook group or leave a comment below with any and all questions you may have!

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