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Before working with Louise, I was using Pinterest totally wrong and I had no idea how to maximize my posts. I didn't know what to do beyond posting photos. I was hesitating a bit because we are a young company with a small budget for marketing. But, the information and guidance I got was worth every single penny!

After 45 minutes of talking with Louise, I got a much better idea of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to my web site. Beyond improving my global understanding of the platform, Louise was able to help me fix what I was doing wrong and offered suggestions on how to start making better use of my posts, links, and content, all with the end goal of increasing traffic and ultimately, sales. After taking about 30 minutes to play around and tweak a few things, I saw some immediate activity on my site!

I would highly recommend that anyone, regardless of where you are in your business life-cycle, consider Louise's services. She offers a few different solutions depending on what you need. And...she is very easy to communicate with, super-smart, and very charming. I could have talked with her all day!

Buldāna Heather McLeod

Before doing the Pinterest Marketing Mastery Program, I couldn’t figure out how to build a pin that would be able to get traction and grow. It seemed like the pins I was putting up weren't doing much at all. I was also hesitant about whether Pinterest actually had enough potential to be worth the time investment in setting up an account and regularly engaging with it.

After working with Louise, I've quickly come to realize that Pinterest has massive potential for audience building and attracting customers, especially as an e-commerce store. I also have better insight into how Pinterest works internally and what factors determine a pins success. For example, learning how to figure out what keywords Pinterest users are searching for, and then where to use them, has given me a leg up on competitors who aren't correctly optimizing their pins.

Previously, designing pins and boards had been the most difficult thing for me, because I had no idea what were considered the standard of a good pin or board. I was pretty much just guessing. It helped a ton to go over best practices with Louise since she understands what works, what doesn't, and what I should focus my time on. I feel like this was a big shortcut for me, since I was able to learn directly from her experience rather than spends months trying to figure it out on my own. After the training, I've walked away with a clearly setup Pinterest building strategy and process. This includes a fully set up profile that is optimized for success, as well as processes for continuing onwards that I can pass onto employees.

If you've been meaning to expand your business into Pinterest, you really need to be working with Louise. She has an in-depth knowledge of Pinterest and walks you step by step through everything you need to know. Pinterest has so much potential for e-commerce business owners, you just need to make sure you're setting yourself up for success before you jump in. That's where this program comes in. The investment is a no-brainer. One of the scarcest resources I have is time, and Louise was able to help me overcome challenges and set up a system that would have taken months of tinkering and mistakes if I had been on my own.

Thanks to Louise, I have processes in place now that I can pass on to employees so that our Pinterest account can grow on auto-pilot. I'm already seeing massive growth in traffic to our site from the strategy I set up in this program, and I'm only expecting those numbers to keep growing."

Alex McQuade

Before working with Louise, I didn’t have a great pinning strategy. I wasn’t sure how many pins to share per day, to what boards, and how to curate content from other accounts. Louise helped me sort all of this out, and also did a full overhaul of my account’s keyword optimization so that my boards have better chance of ranking in Google.

Louise’s process felt seamless! After her work on my account, I walked away with more Pinterest boards, better descriptions, an improved Tailwind account, and more! If you’re not sure about outsourcing your Pinterest marketing, know that Louise takes care of everything and makes the whole process super easy.

Jessica Stier

In my research on Pinterest marketing, I found that a lot of the strategies out there are for bloggers, not brands, and the advice is different in ways that are important enough to matter. Before my consult with Louise, I was struggling to understand why my pins weren't performing/generating sales and traffic.

When I found PinCoach.com, I had no hesitations - this was exactly what I'd been looking for! I now have a much better understanding of how Pinterest works and the kind of strategy I should develop for my brand. Louise gave me license to break some of the “rules” I had read about (that didn’t apply to my brand and message) and I am changing course with more assurance and confidence in the new tactics and ideas we discussed.

Although I now have a larger task at hand to push sales, I would say that if you’re feeling lost, unsure or doubtful about what you’re currently doing with your Pinterest marketing, book a consult with Louise NOW!

Eva St. Clair

Before doing the Pinterest Marketing Mastery Program, we were struggling with developing a good, concrete and definite strategy for Pinterest. We were getting a lot of traffic already from old content we had shared and from user-generated content, but we realized we could do so much more with it if we were more active and strategic.

Louise’s teachings in the program provided us with a detailed workflow that is implementable. I recommend Louise’s method and program 10,000%! Our Pinterest page was missing a definite and concrete strategy and thanks to Louise we’ve developed a very feasible action plan to move forward!

Nori Geniston

Before working with Louise, I was really struggling with getting more traffic to my site. The most difficult part was to figure out how to draw attention to the products that I want to sell from Pinterest. I knew that Pinterest could be my golden ticket, but I didn't know all tactics in order to make Pinterest my traffic driving machine like it is now. I needed serious help to make this happen, and Louise was THE person I was looking for!

She taught me how Pinterest works, what different strategies/tactics to use for getting traffic, for getting leads, for getting my products to sell, how often to pin, how often to create a new board, when a board is ready to launch, etc. There are too many insights to name that I received during the time we worked together.

Working together, we doubled monthly unique visitor numbers (from 30K to 60K) and implemented an actionable plan using training materials that I can keep to continue implementing the same strategy on my own.

Louise is a Pinterest goddess. If you want to utilize Pinterest to drive more traffic, make more sales, get more leads, or whatever you are trying to achieve from your online business, she is THE person to work with. Her program is by far THE BEST program I've ever used to help my online business get more attraction from the internet!

Sharon Chen

I wanted to build a more consolidate online presence for my business I Like That Lamp, where we sell DIY lamp kits. I knew Pinterest was the place to be, but I didn’t have the resources to invest in researching tips to make this social network a strong sales channel.

Louise provided actionable steps on how to use Tailwind to generate ongoing traffic & engagement that was customized for I Like That Lamp. After Louise helped me set up my Pinterest marketing plan and content calendar, I was surprised to see how fast my subscribers’ and repins count increased. It really gets a lot easier when you have a professional by your side to help you start.

Now, I’m happy to see my Shopify website receiving a lot more daily traffic from Pinterest and I am grateful for the pinners who find my brand’s content inspiring. Louise was super helpful; her ideas and consulting remain the basis of my pinning process and will continue to be part of my content strategy.

Kiri Masters

Pinterest was the social media platform that I paid the least amount of attention to and I really did not have a good understanding of how it worked. Louise demystified it for me. She knew exactly how to improve my pins and boards so that they would be more searchable and attractive to existing and potential audiences.

It can be hard to make the decision to prioritize Pinterest for your business, but once you decide, Louise makes sure the process goes smoothly. We developed a solid pinning strategy that has resulted in a 20% gain in followers almost immediately. If you are struggling to understand and manage your Pinterest account, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who understands Pinterest for business better than Louise.

Tara Cannon

I started out with a serious lack of focus and strategy when it came to Pinterest. There was a lot more to it than I had thought. After working with Louise, I had a much clearer understanding of what goes into Pinterest marketing.

I could finally see the definitive steps I needed to take to improve my page, and I had a clearer overall vision for what the process looked like. If you feel like you are blundering through figuring out what to do with your Pinterest page, Louise’s program will set you on the right course!

Karolina Facchin

I found it hard to immediately trust others with my brand, but elected to start working with Louise because of her genuine passion for her work and dedication to helping me grow. Her enthusiasm, discipline, and willingness to learn new things have all made her an asset. Moreover, she's great at communication and a real self-starter - all essential components of someone I want to work with.

Kristin Addis

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