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Pinterest Account Setup or Cleanup


Set up or optimize your profile effectively so that your followers - and the Pinterest algorithm! - know what you share and can display your pins to interested users.

Save time trying to figure out which boards to create (and how to set them up the RIGHT way) or which boards you should remove because they're not aligned with your brand message.

Have an attractive Pinterest profile that you are proud to share on your website, in your email blasts, and in other social media posts.

Determine which group boards will help you grow your account fastest and which ones you can remove so they don't clog up your profile.

PINTEREST ACCOUNT SETUP/CLEANUP PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1. Keyword research and optimization for your username, profile name, profile description, board names and board descriptions.

2. Ten (10) new Pinterest boards populated with your posts and/or curated content from ten (10) sources on each board. For cleanup of a pre-existing profile, optimization and modification (if needed) for up to 40 boards. 3. Selection of relevant board categories for indexing, and board covers set up in alignment with your brand and style (no custom board covers).

*PINTEREST ACCOUNT SET UP: $597 one time fee
*PINTEREST ACCOUNT CLEANUP: $397+ (contact me for a quote)

Is Your Pinterest Profile Optimized for Sales?

A thorough checklist to make sure your e-commerce brand's Pinterest profile is optimized to bring in more traffic and increase sales!

This extensive checklist includes the steps to optimize your e-commerce brand's Pinterest profile for success.

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