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Our Purpose

As a savvy business owner, you want to drive more traffic to your website and generate interest in your targeted audience across all platforms. You know that Pinterest can be the key to major online exposure for your products and want to capitalize on this powerful connector, but you may not know just how to effectively implement a strategy for maximum attention. 

We're here to help: we want to optimize your business's presence on one of the most effective social media platforms using our Pinterest marketing expertise so that your ideal customer knows exactly who you are and where to find you.

What Our Clients Say

When I found, I had no hesitations - this was exactly what I'd been looking for! I now have a much better understanding of how Pinterest works and the kind of strategy I should develop for my brand. Louise gave me license to break some of the “rules” I had read about (that didn’t apply to my brand and message) and I am changing course with more assurance and confidence in the new tactics and ideas we discussed.

Eva St. Clair

About the Pin Coach, Louise Cottrell

Louise's Pinterest marketing journey began with a love of travel. Reading travel content all day and wanting to be location independent, she decided she was going to work with travel brands on their content marketing. Her first clients were travel bloggers who were failing at driving traffic with Pinterest. As she started implementing the strategies she was learning, she quickly saw their traffic increase. They were growing their email lists with the new visitors, and their income proved a great ROI on our efforts! 

Louise Cottrell, from

Seeing such rapid growth for brands in a sector that wasn't even the most popular search category on Pinterest, she realized that online entrepreneurs working in other niches could benefit from her Pinterest marketing skills and expertise as well. So in January 2017, she founded What an incredible journey it has been to be of service to so many great entrepreneur helping them grow their brands!

To Be Continued...

Our journey is only beginning. Every day we learn more about Pinterest as a powerful marketing tool, and every month we grow in clientele and success stories. Our blog continues to grow in content and readership, helping the average business owner understand more about how Pinterest works and how to use it effectively. Our journey is ever-evolving, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

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Pin Coach: Grow your traffic and sales with effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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